FrameWhisperer explains the absurd strength of Jack-7’s ff+1 in Tekken 7


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“What would happen if you gave this move to Gigas?”

“I’m so sick of seeing the robot,” is a statement that has been said more then once by Tekken 7 audiences. It’s a little unfortunate, too, because “Big Body” style characters almost never make it to top tier status in the fighting game genre. Jack-7 isn’t even considered #1 by most top players, but still receives the brunt of spectator criticism (and, perhaps, reasonably so) from his frequency of use and incredibly simple play-style.

Sadly, tournament robots seem to only have a few subroutines, and in an age where the spectator is becoming the most powerful force in fighting game design, you could argue it’s time to consider tweaking Jack-7’s code. This is the underlying message, at least, of the latest FrameWhisperer breakdown of Jack-7’s ff+1 — an oppressive, long-range, damaging mid that goes a long way in determining his status as a safe tournament pick.

But how would you this move and keep Jack-7 strong? Do you nerf the push-out from it? Do you reduce its follow up damage? What would you strengthen in its place? Or, would you give Jack-Hammers to everyone? (Please don’t.)

That’s the tricky part of balance that FrameWhisperer wrestles with in the video above. Do you have your own ideas on how this robot should work, or is Jack-7 perfect as is?

Source: FrameWhisperer Tekken

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