PepperBeef2Spicy teaches the art of throws and throw breaks in Tekken 7


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Depending upon what stage of the Tekken journey you’re on, you will like have a very strong opinion of how strong — or weak — throws are. To new players, the three break options and reflex check initially seems impossible to defend against — to a more intermediate player, throws seem too weak due to their unique visual indicators.

The truth is, both camps are right. Though seasoned players will break throws on sight more often then not, no one breaks correctly forever. And thanks to the unique animations of some throw breaks, sometimes you’ll intentionally want your opponent to break throws to change your stage positioning. There’s always something new to learn with throws in Tekken — and PepperBeef2Spicy‘s lecture above is an excellent place to start.

Source: PepperBeef2Spicy

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