Players in Japan get a chance to win an exclusive Street Fighter V-themed gear, arcade cabinet, and a free trip to Red Bull Kumite 2018


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As you may know, Japan is getting a qualifying series for Red Bull Kumite 2018. As part of this, Red Bull has a couple of promotions in the country that allows players to win exclusive Red Bull Kumite-themed gear, as well as a chance to fly to Paris for Red Bull Kumite 2018.

The first of these is a raffle to win Street Fighter V-themed gear, including an exclusive Razer Panthera. To get a chance to win these, interested player must purchase a Red Bull at any AEON supermarket and then upload the receipt via Line. One lucky winner will be drawn each day from April 24, to May 14. Aside from said Panthera, other prizes in the raffle include Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition-themed skins for the PlayStation 4 and Dual Shock 4, as well as in-game Red Bull skins for Nash and Guile.

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In addition to these, Red Bull Japan is also giving away an exclusive Red Bull Kumite themed Vewlix arcade cabinet, alongside a free trip to Red Bull Kumite 2018 in Paris this November. From April 24 to May 7, Red Bull will be tweeting two questions from team Red Bull’s Masato “Bonchan” Takahashi. Those who reply to these tweets with the correct answers and appropriate hashtag will gain entry into the raffle.

That's apparently just a sticker, not an actual fridge.

Source: Red Bull Japan via Fubarduck

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