Should you play Bullet, BlazBlue: Central Fiction’s rushdown grappler?


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BlazBlue: Central Fiction‘s Bullet hasn’t had an easy road in the game. She was never considered a strong character, and for some reason, she seemed even weaker than usual in 1.0 Central Fiction. However, the 2.0 patch tuned her quite a bit, and if you haven’t considered playing her before, or just don’t know much about her, Apolo’s latest video should help out.

Apolo made a video before about Bullet 2.0 patch changes, which included significant buffs. If you’re really interested in her as a character, don’t be discouraged by tier lists, especially now. Though Bullet does struggle with many characters in the game, in particularly zoners who can keep her out, she can dish out pretty intense pressure, particularly when she has a chance to get fired up. She also has some good normal attacks, particularly jump C, which is commonly used to set up safe jump pressure.

Check out the instructional video below that lays out her strengths and weaknesses; if you’d rather switch gears, the creator also recently covered Dizzy’s pros and cons in Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2.

Source: Apolo Loussalier

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