Facebook accidentally banned a Fallout 76 militia roleplay group

In September, Facebook broke down its “latest steps to keep Facebook groups safe” in a lengthy blog post that included a recap of prior efforts to curtail groups that promote violence. “We banned a violent US-based anti-government network connected to the boogaloo movement and removed 106 of their groups,” it said. “We also expanded our policy to address organizations and movements that have demonstrated significant risks to public safety, including QAnon, US-based militia organizations and anarchist groups that support violent acts amid protests.”

Briefly included among those banned groups was one known as the Free States Militia, a fairly generic-sounding name as these things go, not out of place amidst the Michigan Militia, Missouri Citizens Militia, or the Ohio Defense Force. It’s very different from all of them in one big way though, because it’s not actually a militia group at all, but a private Fallout 76 roleplaying group on Facebook.

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