Panel: What does Teofimo Lopez need to do to beat Vasiliy Lomachenko?

Can Teofimo Lopez upset Vasiliy Lomachenko this week? We ask a panel of experts what he would need to do

Anthony Crolla
Former WBA lightweight champ

I think he can’t allow Lomachenko to make him fight Lomachenko’s fight. I think it’s a simple as he’s got to land. He’s a world class puncher and I think he’s got to land and land relatively early as well. Lopez has got to try not to fight Lomachenko’s fight.

Sam Maxwell
Boxed Loma in WSB

Teofimo Lopez seems explosive, fast and powerful. I think that’s going to give him the most success against Lomachenko. Loma is very hard to catch but he can be caught as we’ve seen with Jorge Linares. I think Lopez will have to put twos and threes together to have success but he does have the speed to catch Loma I feel.

Dave Coldwell
Leading trainer

We know Loma can punch and we know he has genuine knockout power. He’s got to take advantage of his reach and not fall for the feints, the twitches, the little set ups Loma does. His youth and his arrogance might work in his favour. That stubborn mindset where he genuinely believes he’s going to knock Lomachenko out.

Chris McKenna
Boxing journalist

Land big early and rough Lomachenko up. He can’t allow Loma to get into his groove and needs to earn his respect early by showing him his power. He also needs to disrupt Loma’s rhythm. Easier said than done, mind. Loma can adapt so quickly but with Lopez’s power he always has a chance in this fight, even late on.

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