On This Day – George Foreman regains world heavyweight title 20 years after he’d lost it to Muhammad Ali

George Foreman scores the greatest of all comeback victories against Michael Moorer

November 5, 1994; MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV

BOXERS that are 45 years old are not
supposed to win the world heavyweight title. Twenty years after losing to
Muhammad Ali, seven years after launching the unlikliest of comebacks, three
years after losing to Evander Holyfield, two years after Alex Stewart mashed up
his face and one year after being outpointed by Tommy Morrison, George Foreman
put the finishing touches to boxing’s greatest fairytale when he knocked out
Michael Moorer with one incredible punch in round 10 (after nine-and-a-half
rounds of being completely outboxed).

DID YOU KNOW? It has been reported that Foreman wore the same trunks versus Moorer that he had on the day he lost to Ali. Foreman told BN a few years ago this wasn’t necessarily true: Foreman had several pairs of identical shorts made for the Ali fight. The pair he wore against Moorer was one of them. Another one: Announcer Michael Buffer later said he gave George Foreman the best possible introduction because he thought it would be Foreman’s last fight.

WATCH OUT FOR: The manner in which Foreman plots the finish. He practices the fight-ending blow, while toying with Moorer, several times before he actually lands it.

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