Panel: Was Daniel Dubois right to take a knee?

The big question of the week: did Daniel Dubois do the right thing?

Andy Clarke
Boxing commentator

Yes. The damage to the eye was very serious and had he continued he would have put his career in jeopardy. Inevitably people are now questioning his resolve but at least he’s in a position to box again and answer those questions.

Mickey Helliet
Manager and promoter

The eye was shut fast and he’d suffered a serious injury. The fight ending at the point it did preserved his health and also his career.

Paul Edwards
Former British champion

I was always one of those ‘we don’t quit, we’re boxers.’ But he’s changed my mind, if I’m honest. This made me feel a bit different. John Murray’s blind in one eye. I felt for Daniel Dubois. The answer is yes. He’s right to do what he thinks is right.

Paul Smith
Former world title challenger

No. He saved himself for another day and that might prove the best decision because of the injury. But what’s going to happen when it gets hard next time? They’re fighters, that’s why people watch them, because they are braver than the average person. You’ve got to be able to ride some injuries out and fight on.

Darren Barker
IBF titlist

He’s in control of his own life and career and if he was in that much pain then yeah live to fight another day. I know lots of fighters who have lost sight in one eye. Fighters are warriors for getting into the ring in the first place so he will always have my respect.

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