May 14, 2021

2021 K League: Competition for the best mascot is fierce!

Mascots from 22 K League 1 and K League 2 clubs vie to be chosen as the ‘best’ by fans…

Since 2020, an annual event of selecting K League’s representative mascot has been taking place. Such an event is held like an election, under the participation of all 22 mascots from K League 1 and 2 clubs as candidates.

This was originally planned for fan engagement purpose, as COVID-19 delayed the start of the 2020 season campaign. Now, the event is being held for the second time. 

In Spain, a similar event was held by Primera Liga last May, when the football calendar was stopped by pandemic. The tournament for the best Primera Liga Mascot was held and the final was between Dimonió of RCD Mallorca and AMUNT of Valencia CF. Global Fan vote on Twitter announced Dimonió as the final winner.

How will the winner be selected?

The K League’s best mascot will be also chosen by fans. Each fan can simply log in to the official website and vote for three different candidates per day. Mostly, football fans give one vote for the mascot of the supporting club and the rest of the two votes are up to their preferences.

Since this is an election, each candidate has come up with different pledges to attract football fans. Some candidates have promised to give away local specialities for fans visiting the stadium and even promised to invite a famous baseball team mascot based on the same hometown. On the matchday, an event booth is set up and give away the business card with the candidate’s photo.

Support and engagement

It is also entertaining to see the election poster of the local club’s mascot around the city centre. Club’s players and head coaches are giving the statement of support for their mascot, and even a celebrity singer is on a promotion video.

K League fans are also enthusiastic. Among the 11 days of the election period, almost 200,000 votes have been collected in the first five days. Online football communities and social network channels are also getting heated up with the fans asking to vote for their club’s mascot.

COVID-19 norms

The K League, as the main organiser, is paying more attention on the positive values and business potentials of the mascots. A mascot would never have any transfer issues so likely to remain as the everlasting friend to the club’s supporters.

In this difficult period of mandatory social distance between players and fans due to COVID-19, mascots wearing a fabric costume are the only channel allowed for direct contact with fans.

With fans’ support, K League club mascots will enter the merchandise business market and expected to become the club’s additional financial resources in the future.