Who is your favourite ever southpaw?

We ask a panel of boxing experts who is their favourite in all boxing history

Darren Barker
Former IBF champion

My dad, he was ABA champion! Marvin Hagler for me, who was the first person to hold the IBF middleweight title. He was a top man, a top fighter, as hard as nails. What a great man.

Paul Smith
World title challenger

My favourite southpaw ever is Marvin Hagler. Loved his aggressive style and he had it all. Hagler could fight world title fights orthodox or southpaw at the very top level. One of the greats.

Mickey Helliet
Boxing manager and promoter

My favourite southpaw ever is the Cuban Joel Casamayor. He epitomised the Cuban southpaw style with movement and positioning. Watching him was like watching a work of art.

Andy Clarke
Commentator and podcaster

Hagler. I love everything about Hagler. His back story, the way his career was built, the destruct and destroy mindset, the unquenchable thirst for recognition, the rage, everything. He was the ultimate fighter.

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