Caleb Plant: ‘I’m still far from where I want to be. I’m still far from everything I want to accomplish’

‘I’m looking to become the first undisputed world super-middleweight champion of all time and you can’t do that with just one world title,’ says Caleb Plant. But first he must defend his IBF title against Caleb Truax on Saturday

I can honestly say this is one of my best camps. I’ve had great sparring. I haven’t had any restrictions as far as COVID-19 goes when it comes to sparring partners or strength and conditioning or being in the gym. So I’ve been really focused on what I need to do and I’m just ready to go in there and handle business.

It’s hard to say where Caleb Truax ranks in terms of past opponents. I have to get in there with him. Styles make fights so after January 30, I’ll have a better idea. I know he’s a veteran, has a lot of experience and is a former world champion who has upset people before, so he has to be taken seriously.

I’m fully focused on January 30 and when that bell rings so I can do what I do best. I’m not looking past him, but I am looking through him. I’m looking to end this fight early. I don’t see it going 12 rounds, so whether they throw in the white towel, I throw in the white towel for him or the ref steps in to do his job, I’m looking for a stoppage. This ends with me getting my hand raised in spectacular fashion.

I know what I need to go in there and do. At the end of the day, I can have a game plan but that may not be how the fight is going to go. So I’ll have to make adjustments as needed and I feel that’s one of the things I’m best at. Whatever is needed for the job, I can pull it out of my toolbox and put it to work.

Me against Jose Uzcategui, they had me the underdog and they had it wrong. So I don’t pay attention to numbers, betting odds—that’s not how I became a world champion and how I’m going to stay world champion. My job is to go in there fully focused on the task at hand. I could care less what the odds say, I know what I need to go in there and do because betting odds don’t win or lose fights.

I feel like there are unification fights to be made and I feel like they will happen. But as of now, January 30 has my full attention. After that, we’ll have a better understanding of how the cards will fall in the super-middleweight division and we’ll be ready to make our next move.

I think people tend to forget I only have 20 fights. So within 21 fights to not only win a world title from a champion but then have another former world champion under my belt, I feel like I’m off to a great start in my career and I think there are big things ahead.

I love the team that I have around me. I know that my team has supreme confidence in what I can do in this sport. Not only am I betting on myself, but I know for a fact the rest of the team is betting on me as well. And we’re betting big. We’re not looking to jump on something quick for a quick payday and ride off into the sunset. We’re looking to take this thing all the way to the top and sometimes that requires patience. I know in due time, after I handle business on January 30, when those fights do happen, everything will come to fruition just like we imagined.

Like most boxers, I don’t come from much and I wanted more than I had. I wanted a better life for the loved ones around me. So I set my mind on a mission and when I put my mind to something, no matter what it is in life, when I say I’m going to do it, I do it. And when I say I want something, I get it. So it doesn’t matter what life tosses my way, it doesn’t matter what I’m up against, once I set my mind to it, I assure you it will get done. I’m fully motivated for this fight, fully focused and, again, I can’t wait to get in there.

It was a goal to become world champion but it’s not the goal. I’m still far from where I want to be. I’m still far from everything I want to accomplish and to keep that hunger, that motivation, you have to be honest with yourself about who you are and where you’re at. I know where I’m at in my career and how much farther I want to go so it’s no time for me to let my foot off the gas. I need to keep my foot on their necks and I need to keep pushing because, as I’ve said, I’m looking to become the first undisputed world super-middleweight champion of all time and you can’t do that with just one world title.

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