If you were a potential Olympian would you wait for Tokyo or go pro?

Efforts are ongoing to ensure the Tokyo Olympics take place but the qualification process has stalled. What should a potential Olympian do?

Paul Smith
World title challenger

If it’s 100 per cent guaranteed to happen in 2021 then I’d wait, there’s no point turning pro now if it’s only six months away. If it’s any later than that or there’s a bit of uncertainty I’d probably turn pro now. If it’s not set in stone that it’s definitely happening this year then I’d turn pro.

Lisa Whiteside
Commonwealth Games gold medallist

It’s a tough one as nobody knows if the Olympics will go ahead and boxing has been under criticism for AIBA’s handling of the sport. If I was younger I would wait up to 12 months but would personally turn pro.

Andy Clarke
Television commentator

If I’d been selected for the European qualifier so knew I was going to get the chance to qualify then I’d wait. If not then I’d turn pro. There’s supposed to be another qualifier after the continental ones but there’s so little time left you wonder if it will happen. I just hope the Games happen.

Paul Ready
Boxing manager

You would have to wait until it’s confirmed, either that it’s on or off, before deciding finally. It is the pinnacle for amateur boxers, many of whom are in their late 20s so this is their last chance to go.

The European Olympic qualification event has been postponed. Read more here

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