Panel: Should Josh Warrington have been pulled out sooner?

We ask a panel of experts whether Josh Warrington was left in with Mauricio Lara for too long

Carl Frampton
Two-weight world champion

He was being hurt throughout the fight. It should have been stopped at the end of the fourth. When he stood up at the start of the fifth his back leg still seemed a little bit stiff. That was another bad round for him. I’d have pulled him. But hindsight’s a wonderful thing.

Paul Smith
World title challenger

I was commentating for DAZN and said he should have been stopped at the start of round five. He was hurt in round one and was on autopilot from the knockdown in the fourth. I feel he took far too much punishment while being concussed and feel he should have been stopped a lot earlier.

Dave Thompson/Matchroom

Natasha Jonas
London Olympian

Unfortunately I have been in that position myself. I get why it was hard for those to make the decision. Your dad is in the camp with you and wants you to win, the ref is giving the benefit of the doubt and has history. It’s hard, but I would have liked it to be stopped.

Jamie Sanigar
Boxing manager

Yes. Firstly, the ref Howard Foster should have stopped the fight. Secondly, it was clear when Josh stumbled back to the corner, he was badly concussed and should have been pulled out. Boxers must be protected from their own bravery at times, there is a life outside of the sport.

Andy Clarke

Yes. It was a big night for Warrington and the corner wanted to give him every opportunity to recover and find a way back into the fight, I understand that, but he never recovered from that fourth round, he was just desperately hanging on until the inevitable stoppage arrived.

Editor Matt Christie speaks the BBBoC’s Robert Smith about Saturday’s show here

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