May 11, 2021

5 Health Benefits of Playing Squash That You Shouldn’t Miss : OTHER : Sports World News


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Squash is dubbed as the world’s healthiest sport. Find out why you should start playing squash and know its health benefits. (Photo : Francois Nel/Getty Images for Falcon)

Squash may not be a well-known sport like basketball, football, and soccer, but it is labeled the world’s healthiest sport. 

While only a few play it, squash demands physical strength. For 45 minutes, the combination of aerobic and cardio workout will sum up your day.

In a World Health Organization report, playing the sport leads to health improvements and reduction of diseases’ risk. Are you now ready to try it? Without further ado, let’s get straight down to it and know the health benefits of squash.

Regardless of your age, anyone can start playing the sport. It has a lot of varieties of play styles to cater to the players’ preference. Everyone can have easy access to the sport, but becoming an expert will take some time.

Playing squash does not only let you choose the kind of equipment that you want to use, but it also allows the player to be more flexible, to find the perfect way that will suit the player according to gender and technique. 

Research shows improvement in the child’s motor skills, sociability, and others for children who play squash.

Former No. 1 player Jehangir Khan engaged in the sport against doctors’ advice due to his frail health. The young Khan then went on to dominate the World Amateur Championships at the age of 15. 

Since younger players are slowly getting used to squash, the Essex junior squash league offers a competitive tournament for 13 years old and below. 

On the other hand, Lance Kinder was the oldest professional squash player at 85. Kinder only started playing squash when he was 40.

  • Squash Is Your Cardio Buddy

A study of the University of Rochester found that squash engagement for three hours per week can help prevent risks from heart diseases. The perfect aerobic workout should come with a rest time of one to two minutes, the preferred rest periods of playing squash.

Aside from preventing the risk of acquiring diseases, it also improves our blood pressure level and stabilizes muscle control. It gives our veins a larger breathing room to avoid clogging.

Playing squash does wonders in our general health, according to a study written in the Oxford Journals in 2014. When you have a connection to other squash players, social skills are boosted. In this regard, social well-being transforms into healthy communication and friendship among the players.

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  • Squash Improves Your Mental Health

What else can you ask for the squash besides a total workout, a cardio buddy, and a social health booster? It also enhances your mental health.

Not only does squash thrives in physicality, but also it improves the mental well-being of the player. It requires an intense concentration in playing it, and the mind and body’s coordination should come at hand.

Imagine a physical sport with a twist of mental games like chess. That is squash in all its greatness – a thinking game of strategy, wits, and choices.

  • Squash Is Your Muscle Buddy Too

As mentioned earlier, squash is a whole-packaged workout for the body. Speed, strength, reflexes, and reaction time are needed if you want to be a good squash player. When a squash player moves in the court, the arms, wrists, and back muscles benefit. The short twists in squash strengthened the tissues for a compact and muscular build.

You hear that right. Squash is playable any time of the year. Whether it is summer or winter, you will not encounter any problem in playing it.

It can be an indoor or outdoor exercise. Those who want to stay away from the extreme cold and heat can play squash in indoor courts like the gym and other sports facilities available in your area.


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