May 11, 2021

Boxing News editor wins top specialist correspondent prize at SJA awards


Boxing News editor Matt Christie wins specialist correspondent prize at the annual Sports Journalists’ Association writing awards

AT the Sport Journalists’ Association British Sports Journalism awards, the major industry prize in the UK, Boxing News editor Matt Christie won the first prize in the specialist correspondent category on Monday.

The judges said, “The winning portfolio showed mastery of three different sports writing disciplines – with a feature, a column and live reporting. It also gave readers a glimpse into what it’s really like to work as a journalist at a major sports event.”

Matt came in first, with the Daily Mail’s Jonathon McEvoy in second place and BBC Sport’s Nick Hope third.

“It was a genuine surprise to be named the winner in the Specialist Correspondent category by the Sports Journalists’ Association at the British Sports Journalism Awards this week.” Matt said. “Moreover, it was an indescribable honour and a personal ambition achieved. I’d like to thank the Boxing News team, both staff and contributors, for everything they have done over the last 12 months, the fighters and their teams and, most of all, you the readers for your incredible support.”

Boxing News supplement Fighting Talk had also been shortlisted in the Special Edition category, which Sky Sport’s ‘George Floyd 100 Days On: How Sport Has Fought For Change’

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