May 11, 2021

Earth Day sees a paper free Media Center


Kattia Juárez, FIM Sustainability Commission Director: “All economic activity generates impacts, positive and negative. Sport is no exception to this, but it is also a great ally for sustainable development. Each FIM event is governed by the Environmental Code which was adopted in 1994. This Code contains regulations and recommendations that each organiser must comply with. Thus, in 2011, together with the MotoGP communications department, the FIM Sustainability Commission implemented an Action Plan for the press rooms with the aim of optimising resources, mainly paper consumption, which generated one of the greatest impacts on this area. In this era, in which a resilient and sustainable attitude is required for a return adapted to current needs, significant changes like this make a difference. Today we can say that the MotoGP press rooms are paperless and all the documentation and results are communicated electronically. Congratulations on this Earth Day 2021.”


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