May 16, 2021

Fantasy Football: Waffle House Server Cries After Receiving $1,000 Tip From a Fantasy Football League Bettor : Fantasy : Sports World News


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A salesman had turned punishment into a reward when he lost a bet in a fantasy football league. He gave the $1,000-tip to the Waffle house server on FB Live. (Photo : Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

After losing a fantasy football bet, a man had to face the consequences of eating for 24 hours inside a waffle house restaurant. With his final team waving goodbye in the NFL, he had thought of a gimmick to make it more meaningful.

The losing bettor was already half-way through his waffle eating journey when he decided to give a $1,000 tip to the waffle house server, who was so surprised that she burst into tears upon receiving the money.

Fantasy Football Waffle House Bet

Michael Carsley, a salesman from Atlanta, Georgia, chomped down his waffles for several hours, before deciding on a new way to turn his punishment into a reward.

Carsley ranked last in their fantasy football league with his friends, and as punishment, he was to spend one day inside the Waffle House. He was allowed to subtract an hour from his punishment.

In a Facebook Live, Carsley made a generous donation to server Mosammat Shumi last weekend at a chain of the eatery in Chamblee. 

In an interview with CNN, Carsley said that the punishment was worth it, and he would do it again, seeing how the waffle employee reacted.

Carlsey consumed 18 waffles for his six-hour stay in the waffle area, which cost a total of $49. Instead of squandering money for the waffles that he could not finish, he thought he could instead donate the money.

The Georgia native mentioned that his decision influenced his experience, wherein servers became the recipient of tips that could help them alleviate their living amid the pandemic.

In a report by MSN, Carsley said that they could have raised 100 or 200 bucks but ended up with a $1,040 total money raised. When he was about to hand the money to Mosammat Shumi, the waffle server, Carsley could only say “thank you” to her.

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On the other hand, Shumi went speechless and thanked the fantasy football bettor.

“Oh my god, really? Are you for real?,” Shumi said before breaking into tears. She added that she could not believe what Carsley had done for her.

Shumi described Carsley’s generous act as “once in a lifetime,” as per Kiro 7. She was a regular weekend worker who spent 11 years in the Waffle House in Chamblee. Emotional, she continued that she was still “shocked” after talking to his family and other people.

Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic had been a tough challenge, especially to a minimum wage earner like Shumi. For her, Carsley’s good deed lightened her burden even for a few hours.

Shumi said that when she saw Carsley having a hard time eating his waffle, she knew that he could not make it. In a live stream video, Carsley was on his 21st waffle but judging from his face, he was on the verge of giving up on the challenge.

For Carsley, it was the most miserable thing that he experienced, but it was one of the most generous things that he had done for other people.


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