May 14, 2021

FIFA 21 Team of the Season: Release dates, squads and predictions


The annual event is back in FIFA Ultimate Team, celebrating the best-performing players of the 2020-21 campaign

One of the biggest events in the FIFA calendar returns in Ultimate Team for FIFA 21.

At the end of the domestic season, the best players in the world are celebrated with special upgraded items which sees thousands of packs being opened and often results in a market crash as so many high-rated players are added to the game.

Team of the Season will be back to normal for FIFA 21 after the coronavirus pandemic saw it renamed to Team of the Season So Far in FIFA 20.

What is the FIFA 21 Team of the Season event?

After the annual Team of the Year promotion in January, the Team of the Season is the most popular event for FIFA players.

It celebrates the best-performing players in all the major leagues as well as consistently impressive performers from the rest of the world.

These players receive upgraded cards in FIFA Ultimate Team, including huge attribute boosts which even increase some players’ overall rating to the maximum 99 score.

Every Friday during the Team of the Season event, a new league is released, with some minor leagues also getting their own squads on Mondays.

When will the first FIFA 21 Team of the Season be launched?

The Team of the Season event began on Friday, April 24 for FIFA 20 and Friday, May 10 for FIFA 19.

That means that FIFA 21 Team of the Season will likely begin some time between Friday, April 23 and Friday, May 14.

The first squad released is usually the Most Consistent Team of the Season which is also known as the Community Team of the Season and is usually followed by the Premier League Team of the Season.

What is the Most Consistent Team of the Season?

The Most Consistent Team of the Season is made up of the best-performing players from the 2020-21 campaign who have not yet received an in-form item.

Every Wednesday throughout the season EA Sports releases the Team of the Week squad, which usually focuses on players who scored multiple goals or provided multiple assists.

As a result, defensive-minded players and forwards who regularly score just one goal per game often miss out. These players are then rewarded in the community squad, which is usually chosen from a shortlist of eligible players.

Which leagues & players will get Team of the Season cards?

Each of the Europe’s top five leagues – Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1 – will receive their own Team of the Season squad.

Additionally, there will also be additional squads for the Eredivisie, Super Lig, Liga NOS, CSL, Saudi Pro League, MLS, as well as a combined squad for the EFL containing players from the Championship, League One and League Two.

At the end of the Team of the Season event, an Ultimate TOTS squad is released which re-releases all the highest-rated players from the promotion. This is usually only available for a limited period.

Many members of the FIFA community have begun predicting which players will receive Team of the Season upgrades, with some players almost guaranteed to receive TOTS items.

The top scorers in the top-five leagues, such as Harry Kane, Mohamed Salah, Luis Suarez, Karim Benzema, Robert Lewandowski, Andre Silva, Cristiano Ronaldo, Romelu Lukaku, Kylian Mbappe and Memphis Depay should all receive TOTS upgrades.


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