May 16, 2021

Help, Returnal Looks Terrifying


returnal crab monster

Illustration: Housemarque / Sony

Today, Sony released a trailer and a collection of artwork for Returnal, an upcoming PS5-exclusive bullet hell game from the makers of Resogun. The game looks neat. It also looks positively terrifying.

Exhibit A:

returnal tentacle monster

Screenshot: Housemarque / Sony

If that looks like a waterlogged version of a clicker from The Last of Us, you’re not far off. Housemarque, the studio behind Returnal, drew inspiration from the depths of the sea—a well of the unknown that potentially houses more horror than anything else in the universe, including space.

“There is something inherently unsettling and foreign about the deep-sea as an environment for us,” Harry Kreuger, Returnal’s creative director, wrote in a blog post, echoing thoughts shared by every human being on the planet who’s considered that we’ve only explored 5 percent of the ocean.

Returnal doesn’t just feature nightmares from the deep. As player-character Selene, you’ll also fight crabs with mini-Sarlacc mouths:

returnal crab monster

Screenshot: Housemarque / Sony

And then there’s whatever the hell this abyssal monstrosity is:

returnal tentacle monster

Image: Housemarque / Returnal

I fully plan on playing Returnal. I’m also aware that I’ll likely never sleep again.

Returnal comes out for PlayStation 5 on April 30. Here’s a new trailer:


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