May 6, 2021

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Choosing the right workout clothes is a good start for your workout exercises. Picking the appropriate workout clothes before doing a strenuous activity will result in the desired comfort. (Photo : John Sciulli/Getty Images for Beverly Center)

Choosing the appropriate workout clothes before doing a strenuous activity will result in the desired comfort. Not only that the right workout clothes will equate to a more comfortable movement, but the variation of the outfit will vary depending on several situations, conditions, and factors.

Find out how you can choose the right workout clothes that are best for you!

Consider the Fabrics

In choosing workout clothes, you need to make sure that your skin will adapt to the type of cloth that you are wearing. Some fabrics are not suitable in summer while some works the best during winter.

The first thing you should do is to check the “wicking” capacity of the workout clothes. Heavy activities will result to more sweat, and the best clothes to wear during extreme exercise are those that could render your sweat away from the skin. Its features include quick evaporation and the ability to make your body cool.

Look at those items with polypropylene which will guarantee you to be sweat-free or if not, a sweat-less body that could render you soaked in sweat.

Next, check for the cotton attribute. Cotton is a good water absorbent, so your chances of getting drenched in perspiration will be minimized. Cotton clothes are light during the workout, but after the exercise, it becomes heavy in a sudden.

Lastly, steer away from those fabrics that are tight and uncomfortable. If apparel is made out of thick clothing, the heat will be easily trapped, permitting more heat in your body.

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Aim the Right Fit

Remember that your workout clothes should provide you enough space for your body to breath and move freely. Primarily, you should wear loose clothes. For example, when you plan to go cycling, do not wear tight clothes. They could get into some parts of your bike which could be uncomfortable for the user.

In activities that require minimal movements like yoga, perfectly-fitted fabrics will suit you. They will brush away the sweat from the lining of your clothes.

To summarize, aim for the right fit of your clothes according to your activity.

Dress According to the Seasons

Under the scorching heat of the sun, have you felt the sudden discomfort in your body? That’s the importance of dressing according to the seasons.

During summer workouts, keep in mind that the warm weather will assure you of heavy perspiration. So most likely, you will choose workout clothes that are breathable and cool. Always choose those fabrics that will let you move at ease.

During cold weather, it’s most likely that you will do activities indoor. To adapt to the changing weather, choose warm clothes that could provide you enough heat to stabilize your body temperature. Pile your clothes in thick layers to sustain the warmth. Wear insulating clothes on top of thick clothes but make sure to protect the rest of your body from the cold temperature.

During windy weather, wear workout clothes that will protect you from precipitation such as rain. They will serve as the cover for the rest of your body from the possible liquid splashes and splinters, in some cases during hailstorms.

For the final reminders, just remember that choose comfort over fashion. Wearing appropriate clothes for your workout will yield more comfort and productivity in your activity. For additional discussions about health benefits, click here.


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