May 6, 2021

“I hope we don’t come back” to Algarve circuit – Verstappen | 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix

Max Verstappen said he doesn’t want to return to Portugal’s Autodromo do Algarve after finishing second in yesterday’s race behind Lewis Hamilton.

The Red Bull driver admitted he hadn’t enjoyed driving at the circuit, which was resurfaced before its first F1 race in 2020, but still lacked grip when the championship returned last week.

Verstappen told Sky he was “looking forward” to the next race at the Circuit de Catalunya “because the whole weekend I didn’t enjoy because of the grip levels around here.”

“So first of all, I hope we don’t come back,” he continued. “Barcelona is good, it’s a nice track for an F1 car. And I think we’ll see more of how the progression of the teams have been from the start of the season to today.”

During the weekend Verstappen said he considered the Portuguese track one of his favourites before it was resurfaced. His team principal Christian Horner admitted “I don’t think Max has enjoyed this weekend.

“I think he’s been frustrated by the lack of grip and the conditions. But that’s obviously the same for everybody.”

Horner predicted this weekend’s race in Spain will further “clarify” the competitive situation between their team and Mercedes.

“As we progress into the summer, Barcelona next weekend, if it’s normal conditions, again, there’s so much data from that circuit and it’s a combination of medium, high-speed and low-speed corners, I think again, the picture is starting to clarify,” he said.

“You can see Red Bull and Mercedes are the two stand-out teams and Lewis and Max are the two stand-out drivers. And I think it’s just going to be really tight with the development race between the two teams over the course of the year.”

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