May 12, 2021

James Harden Trade Finally Happens as He Goes To the Brooklyn Nets in a Four-Team Mega Trade : NBA : Sports World News


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The James Harden trade has finally happened. The Houston Rockets star was traded to the Brooklyn Nets just hours after ranting that his team could not be fixed. (Photo : Emilee Chinn/Getty Images)

The James Harden trade has finally happened. The Houston Rockets eventually traded its star to the Brooklyn Nets just hours after Harden ranted that his team could not be fixed. 

James Harden has the final say in his situation with the Houston Rockets, and his long-time request was finally granted.

After losing to the Los Angeles Lakers for two-straight games, James Harden sought refuge with the Brooklyn Nets, following a shocking mega trade among four NBA teams. 

Who Won the James Harden Trade

Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that Houston Rockets GM Rafael Stone had granted Harden’s request to be traded to a team of his choice, the Brooklyn Nets. The 7-man and draft-pick centered mega trade accessorized the four-team agreement among Rockets, Nets, Indiana Pacers, and Cleveland Cavaliers.

For the four-team team trade:

  • Nets acquired James Harden.
  • Pacers obtained Caris LeVert and a second-round pick.
  • Rockets got Victor Oladipo, Rodions Kurucs, Dante Exum, three first-rounders from the Nets, one first-rounder from Milwaukee Bucks (thru Cavs), and another four first-round pick from the Brooklyn trade.
  • Cavaliers absorbed Jarret Allen and Taurean Prince.

Who Won in the 4-team Mega Trade?

Winner #1: James Harden

If there was the first winner, it would be Harden. The former Oklahoma City Thunder guard had already hinted at a future trade in 2019 after the Rockets failed to seal against the Golden State Warriors in the West Conference semis, The Sports Rush reported.

Last year, the Rockets saw how Harden went cold with them. During the training camp, the former MVP would appear late. It was the sign of his declining interest in Houston.

Now that he could vie with the NBA’s biggest teams in his comfort zone, his reunion with Kevin Durant will spark a strong playoff run for the Nets.

Winner #2: Houston Rockets

Losing Harden for GM Stone might be hard, but a brighter side for his team will soon flourish. The chemistry of Wall and Harden has not clicked due to conflict of interest. Now that they had acquired young star Oladipo, the Rockets hope to build around young players with Christian Wood, Exum, and Kurucs.

Oladipo’s time has come to regain his All-Star shape after his injury. Wall will have more time planning for the team’s offense on the floor. With Harden’s departure, a lot of potentials has opened up.

Winner #3: Caris LeVert and Pacers

Benchwarmer LeVert knew more scoring than mere sitting. Caris was the steal of the trade and the missing key to filling Oladipo’s role to the team. With Domantas Sabonis and Malcolm Brogdon as Pacers’ main scorer, the addition of LeVert will fuel their offense.

Winner #4: The Nets

The Nets clearly won the trade, if Harden’s presence will complement Durant and Kyrie Irving. We still do not know how the season would fare for Brooklyn, but the Nets were happy to obtain another star in the team.

Winner #5: The Cavs

The addition of Allen and Prince to the team will boost their bench power. In a matter of time, coach J.B. Bickerstaff can test the two in the lineup. Plus, the two are potent threats in the paint and the perimeter, which will complement Andre Drummond’s defense.

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Who Lost in the James Harden Trade

Loser #1: The Nets

Some they win, some they lose. Yes, it goes sideways, given the fact that Harden has yet to show for Brooklyn. The worst case is when Brooklyn knows that a single ball is not enough for three players.

With Kyrie Irving being inactive in the team, Durant will need double-effort to lift the Nets, while Harden is figuring out what he can do on-court. 

Loser #2: Jarret Allen

Allen perfectly fit Brooklyn’s system. According to Ball Insiders, Allen was efficient per 36 minutes with his monster average of 16.2 markers, 15.2 boards, and 2.2 blocks. Knowing Cleveland already has many big men like Drummond, Kevin Love, JaVale McGee, and Larry Nance on its roster, Allen’s role will still be questionable.

Additions: The East Teams

With Harden’s arrival to the Nets, the contenders in the East will prepare for more hustle against “The Beard.” It’s immediately noticeable how the East became a den of lions.

We did not anticipate this trade to be a turning point for the Eastern teams, especially to the Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, and Miami Heat, who are all chasing the top five of the conference.


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