May 12, 2021

Richner Family Continuing Ransomville Tradition


Kyle Richner (26) leads Cody Wolfe last season. (Tom Stevens photo)

RANSOMVILLE, N.Y. – The Richner family has been involved in racing at Ransomville Speedway for decades.

This year, that tradition will continue, as the family’s JetPort Restaurant and Lounge business continues its longtime marketing partnership with the speedway and both Rick and Kyle Richner get behind the wheel to compete at the track.

Veteran Rick Richner will once again be competing in the Krown Undercoating Modifieds. Rick Richner is the pilot of the JetPort Restaurant and Lounge, National Vacuum, Lazy Lakes Camping Resort, Chris’s Appliance Repair, and Gray Furnace No. 26.

This season will see Rick race at Ransomville and in other races throughout the region.

Rick’s son Kyle got his start with the open-wheeled machines while running a handful of races in 2019 in the Kevin’s Carpet Cleaning Novice Sportsman.

Last year, Kyle Richner raced with the regular sportsman at Genesee Speedway and is planning on running with the Investors Service Sportsman at Ransomville.

“I would like to earn some top 10 finishes and keep the car in one piece,” Kyle Richner said. “I really need to get laps in as I only raced five races with the Novice at Ransomville.”

Kyle Richner’s car is sponsored by JetPort Restaurant & Lounge, Lazy Lakes Camping Resort, Cleanway, Chris’s Appliance Repair, and Gray Furnace. Ray Coons owns Kyle’s car.

“Ray is my biggest help along with my dad as we work on all the cars we have stuffed in the shop,” Kyle noted.

Kyle and his wife, Sarah, welcomed their son Jake into the world recently.

“Sarah has learned a lot over the last few years and is always by my side helping with what she can help with,” Kyle continued.

Other crew members on the Richner Racing entries include a cousin, Ed, John, and Samantha.

The patriarch of the family, Jimmy Richner, passed away in September of 2019.

For 30 years, Jimmy Richner looked forward to a vacation every February in Daytona Beach, Fla., as he and the family attended the Daytona 500.


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