May 6, 2021

Tyson Fury goes off on Eddie Hearn for backing Canelo over Saunders

By Charles Brun: For the second day in a row, Tyson Fury has come to the rescue for Billy Joe Saunders to give promoter Eddie Hearn some stick for him giving him favorable treatment Canelo Alvarez ahead of their fight on May 8th.

Fury has become the de facto mouthpiece/defender of Saunders (30-0-1, 14 KOs), given that he’s opted to stay quiet in the final nine days ahead of his important unification clash against WBA/WBC 168-lb champion Canelo (55-1-2, 37 KOs) at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Fury says that the Matchroom Boxing promoter Hearn has chosen to give favorable treatment to the A-side fighter Canelo rather than back his fellow Brit Saunders.

It’s unknown what precisely Fury is looking for from Hearn to give them that would tilt the scales in Saunders’ favor. I mean, Saunders is horribly over-matched on paper in this fight, which makes it irrelevant who works in the judging crew on the night.

Saunders and his dad are bent out of shape because one of the three judges isn’t from Great Britain, but it seems silly to the point of pure laughter. Even if all three judges were from the UK, Saunders’ chances of winning the fight would be zero.

He’s terribly over-matched in this fight, and the only hope he has is if Canelo suffers a debilitating injury on the night that forces him to stop fighting.

Fury sounding like Saunders’ big brother

“This is a message for Eddie ‘The T**’ Hearn, talking about me in the hotel in Vegas, wearing the Versace shirts,” said Tyson Fury on social media.

Anthony Joshua Eddie Hearn Tyson Fury

Anthony Joshua Eddie Hearn Tyson Fury

“Yes, I’m absolutely guilty, Eddie. I’m over here in my 6,000 square foot hotel room, wearing Versace every single day. If you keep s*** Canelo off, you might be able to get a couple of these shirts as well, mate.

If you want, I can borrow you a couple, don’t worry about it. I’ll give you a little bit of swag, too. Keep s**** Canelo off, and when my boy Billy Joe Saunders gives him an absolute boxing lesson and knocks him out, you’re going to have egg on your face, boy.

“You’re backing the wrong horse, you’re backing the Mexican over the Brit, you sausage. As for Joseph Parker, he’s now an honorary Gypsy.

“He’s no longer a New Zealand man. He’s an honorary Gypsy. He’s a part of the game, so there you do,” said Fury

Saunders needs to get a grip and stop with the waterworks about his impending loss and take the pain. He’s obviously having a hard time coming to terms with what is about to happen to him when he gets in there with Canelo, but he’s just to take it.

All this bellyaching that Saunders is doing is so off-putting. It’s pathetic to watch, and it looks so bad that he’s letting Fury be the big brother to him by having him scold Hearn.

From Hearn’s perspective, you can understand why he’s bowing down to Canelo because he’s the big-money superstar in this fight, the guy with a future. Hearn wants Canelo to re-sign with him when his two-fight contract is up with Matchroom because he’s the 800 lb gorilla in the room.

Canelo is like another Anthony Joshua, but for North America. With Saunders, his career, such as it is, is about to be extinct on Saturday.

There’s no future with Hearn backing the losing horse in this race, Saunders, which is why he’s giving all his attention to Canelo.

If Saunders was in the same position that Hearn occupies as the promoter, would he back the less talented belt-holder or would he be smothering Canelo with love in hopes that he would re-up with his promotional company? Hearn is being tactical in the way that pretty much anyone would.

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