May 12, 2021

Why Jalen Hurts’ Substitution Was a Blunder for Philadelphia Eagles : NFL : Sports World News


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The Philadelphia Eagles are in hot water following quarterback Jalen Hurts’ controversial substitution with Nate Sudfeld in the fourth quarter. (Photo : Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles is in hot water following the substitution of quarterback Jalen Hurts in the fourth quarter. The fans were not happy about it.

When rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts exited in the last quarter, the fans knew that a comeback might no longer be possible with the Eagles behind by three points. 

The substitution of the young player made Nate Sudfeld, a third-stringer, enter a tight game.

Since NFL fans witnessed the turn of events in favor of the Washington football team, the annoying loss of the team cost the Eagles a double-trouble with the fans, who questioned the outcome of the game.

Why Doug Pederson Subbed Jalen Hurts?

Let’s start with Eagles’ head coach Doug Pederson’s reason of subbing the young quarterback. Pederson said he only aimed to win the game, so he made Jalen Hurts sat on the bench. However, it was at the Eagles’ expense, as they lost grip of the end-game and trailed the Washington football team by three points.

The 52-year-old head coach decided to bring Nate Sudfeld into the game in the hopes of salvaging the Eagles in the final frame.

Disappointment pooled at the Lincoln Financial Field that served as the Eagles graveyard in their last game. Pederson insisted that his motive was to improve the team’s standing and not intentionally sell the game.

“I was coaching to win,” Pederson told the reporters on Sunday after the Washington football team took a 20-14 win over the Eagles.

The Eagles ended the season with a 4-11-1 record. Talks circulate that they are ‘tanking’ to land a favorable spot on draft night. 

The loss will have Philadelphia selecting the No. 6 overall pick in the upcoming draft. A win could have given them the No. 9 pick in the selection process.

Other sources said that Pederson’s desperate move was intentional to land the Eagles a higher pick in the draft. It is possible that Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie or GM Howie Roseman ordered him to arrange the scene, without thinking how it could affect the morale of the players.

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Social Media Reacts to Jalen Hurts Substitution

Pederson’s decision was slammed by former Giants players and fans. Below are some of the tweets from former NFL players.

This is sickening.

-Darius Slayton (@Young_Slay2)

Good grief

-Julian Love (julianlove27)

Congrats to that football team in Maryland

-Justin Tuck (@JustinTuck)

Jalen Hurts woul’ve won this game.

-Skip Bayless (@RealSkipBayless)

Everybody pray for Jalen Hurts. Doug Pederson is his head coach.

-Dom (@NotNickBurner)

Players and the fans supported Jalen Hurts’ moment in the game. He might be a young quarterback but based on his performance; he handled the night very well.

Jalen Hurts could have won the game after he notched two rushing touchdowns. It was the first accomplishment for the 22-year-old. Michael Vick did the same against Washington in 2010.

Before his sudden exit, Jalen Hurts caught seven of 20 for the 72-yarder, alongside an interception. With his two touchdowns, Jalen Hurts rushed for 34 yards from 6 yards out apiece.

Hurts put the Eagles in a three-point lead at 17-14 after orchestrating a 4th-and-goal in the third quarter.

Meanwhile, third-stringer Nate Sudfeld only went 5 of 12 for a 32-yarder race. What made his entrance a much painful burden for the Eagles was his lost fumble and two sacks. He had only 25 career passes, which confused so many as to why Pederson had him replaced Jalen Hurts.

The incident taught the players to play at the extreme level at all times. Pederson should have known well that showcasing his players’ talent is a priority, and keeping the team’s integrity is a must. 

Jalen Hurts can bounce back next season and continue to change the name of the game in the NFL.


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